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01:51Amazing Magnetic DeviceNOTE: This device doesnt float any object. You have to place the special magnetic disc that comes with the unit, inside of the objects you want to float.150KVIEWS04:52Amazing MagicAmazing Magic79.5KVIEWS00:39Opening Beer with ChainsawOpening Beer with Chainsaw101KVIEWS07:14How to Make a NEON SIGN in PhotoshopHD Photoshop tutorial showing how to create a photo-realistic, neon sign and place it onto a wall in perspective.2.2KVIEWS03:13The Rubber Hand IllusionHorizon explores the strange and wonderful world of illusions - and reveals the tricks they play on our senses and why they fool us.41.4KVIEWS03:55Magicians Brynolf and Ljung - Britain's Got Talent 2012 auditionBrynolf and Ljung - Britains got talent 2012 auditions.63.9KVIEWS01:22Impossible Balls IllusionAfter you download the template you can increase the size of the template if you'd like so that you can make a bigger version. I tape the templates to poster bo ...47.2KVIEWS06:57Marble Machine ChronicleThe history of 150x100size marble machines.56.8KVIEWS02:15Wakeboarding Behind a Helicopter - Troy HartmanThe wakeboarding part was a blast, but the climb to altitude was utterly exhausting and wrecked my back. I would never do this again.87.9KVIEWS04:30Amazing Dog TricksCheck out this compilation of some of Kyra's amazing tricks!238VIEWS06:13Dazzle's Dazzling TricksDazzle is now 3 years old - she has been learning tricks since she was a pup. There are about 60 seperate tricks shown in the video. Most of these tricks were ...310VIEWS03:00Raw Video: The President Takes a Surprise WalkThe President was heading over to the nearby Department of the Interior and decided to break with tradition and take a Springtime walk. On the way, he got a cha ...63VIEWS03:00Paintball Warfare - Epic Paintball BattlePaintball Warfare - Epic Paintball Battle53.1KVIEWS02:13Coolest Street ArtistStreet Artist in London magic with glass balls38.4KVIEWS00:22Walking TableWalking Table177VIEWS01:14Octopus Attack PrankDead octopus comes alive and attacks shoppers at an outdoor fresh seafood stand. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show ...235VIEWS01:09Magic Toaster PrankBlind man asks for some help to toast some bread. But the toaster magically eats the toasts and then suddenly spits them back up in the blind man's face.226VIEWS02:16Car Crushed In a Cube PrankThe good ol' crushing a car into a metal cube prank never gets old. Victims are asked to keep an eye on a car for a few seconds but the meter maids are police, ...269VIEWS01:28Driving On Mountain TopInsane Mountain Riding. Watch this...287VIEWS01:16Japanese robot playing the violinRobot made by toyota that can play the violin. At the Japanese pavilion in Shanghai Expo.305VIEWS02:55Giant Panda Twin Cubs Kaihin and YouhinGiant Panda Twin Cubs Kaihin and Youhin of 2011 October at Wakayama, Japan #1-15353VIEWS09:51Building the Omni Wing Paper AirplaneBuilding the Omni Wing Paper Airplane.454VIEWS03:04More mindblowing riding from Danny MacAskillAs a teaser for whats in store for you at Donington Park, weve got a new video of MacAskill nailing some of the most technically difficult and hard to comprehen ...575VIEWS03:33Amazing Dog Tricks by Paige the Border CollieHere is a compilation of Paige's amazing tricks! My cat, Oscar, alway seems to make an appearance in her videos! Paige was two years old in this video!1.1KVIEWS01:37Stuntpadding, extreme protective, blunt trauma body protection demoFlexible protective padding for stunts, extreme sports, police, military, etc. Based on d3o technology21.4KVIEWS00:48Funny Bank Robbery Fail - Must WatchFunny Bank Robbery Fail - Must Watch3.0KVIEWS03:58Andrew Dickey- Black BikeAndrew Dickey riding trials in Melbourne, Australia in early 2012.89VIEWS01:25Not Your Usual Police DogPoliceman barks like a dog, scaring a very large man that takes refuge in a portable toilet. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera ...60VIEWS04:20Magic - Card Manipulation - An Ha LimMagic - Card Manipulation - An Ha Lim V32994VIEWS04:58$10,000 Car - AirPod - That Runs On AirAn amazing affordable auto that runs on air!AIRPod is the culmination of MDI studies on pollution and urban mobility.This concept will be the first to leave the ...81VIEWS