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01:37Stuntpadding, extreme protective, blunt trauma body protection demoFlexible protective padding for stunts, extreme sports, police, military, etc. Based on d3o technology21.2KVIEWS03:13The Rubber Hand IllusionHorizon explores the strange and wonderful world of illusions - and reveals the tricks they play on our senses and why they fool us.38.6KVIEWS01:51Amazing Magnetic DeviceNOTE: This device doesnt float any object. You have to place the special magnetic disc that comes with the unit, inside of the objects you want to float.140KVIEWS04:52Amazing MagicAmazing Magic78.8KVIEWS03:00Paintball Warfare - Epic Paintball BattlePaintball Warfare - Epic Paintball Battle52.9KVIEWS00:39Opening Beer with ChainsawOpening Beer with Chainsaw101KVIEWS10:19Homemade Engagement RingHomemade Engagement Ring1.1KVIEWS10:1325 of History's Deadliest DictatorsCorrection - 17 million was the approximate total number of civilians killed in World War II. Jews accounted for between 5 and 6 millionThey say that it takes c ...28VIEWS00:31Funny Dog Treats AdvertisementFunny Dog Treats Advertisement.48VIEWS02:15Wakeboarding Behind a Helicopter - Troy HartmanThe wakeboarding part was a blast, but the climb to altitude was utterly exhausting and wrecked my back. I would never do this again.87.4KVIEWS01:26The Baronton Sisters on The Ed Sullivan ShowFoot jugglers The Baronton Sisters from France perform on The Ed Sullivan Show38.3KVIEWS01:22Impossible Balls IllusionAfter you download the template you can increase the size of the template if you'd like so that you can make a bigger version. I tape the templates to poster bo ...46.8KVIEWS02:52MTB Europe Roadtrip with Brandon SemenukMTB Europe Roadtrip with Brandon Semenuk53VIEWS03:29Full Speed Downhill Skateboarding, Bobtrack AltenbergFor all those who want to see a complete bobtrack downill skate run! The cameraman in the first run is Philipp Auerswald, probably the most experienced bobtrack ...67VIEWS03:56X-Treme People Are AwesomeX-Treme People Are Awesome95VIEWS04:00Epic Frisbee Trick Shots Brodie Smith featuring FrizboysEpic Frisbee Trick Shots Brodie Smith featuring Frizboys112VIEWS07:14How to Make a NEON SIGN in PhotoshopHD Photoshop tutorial showing how to create a photo-realistic, neon sign and place it onto a wall in perspective.1.3KVIEWS03:33Amazing Dog Tricks by Paige the Border CollieHere is a compilation of Paige's amazing tricks! My cat, Oscar, alway seems to make an appearance in her videos! Paige was two years old in this video!721VIEWS03:04More mindblowing riding from Danny MacAskillAs a teaser for whats in store for you at Donington Park, weve got a new video of MacAskill nailing some of the most technically difficult and hard to comprehen ...376VIEWS00:48Crazy Nuts Illusion!This is one of my favorite illusions. Took me forever to make this. But was pretty happy with the results.64VIEWS01:5125,000 Bears Fly at Teddy Bear Toss - Calgary Hitmen 2012Watch 25,000 Bears Fly at Teddy Bear Toss - Calgary Hitmen 2012110VIEWS01:41Messy Romantic Blind Couple PrankA cute blind couple is out for a romantic lunch on a terrace. They are not very graceful as they spill champagne everywhere, muddy their faces with chocolate an ...718VIEWS01:16Most consecutive ninety degree push ups - Guinness World RecordsIn this video, Christian B?zan (Spain) executed 12 consecutive 90 degree push ups on the set of 'Guinness World Records', Madrid, Spain, on 16 January 2009. The ...103VIEWS00:13Cat acting death - Very Skilled CatCat acting death - Very Skilled Cat41VIEWS01:07ZERO RACE in TexasIn 80 days around the world76VIEWS01:09Long Armed Fruit Salesman PrankFruit salesman uses his impossibly long arm to pick apples out of the front of his own stand. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camer ...28VIEWS00:46Puppy LoveMake sure you have the right insurance to protect some of your most valued posessions.81VIEWS10:59Amazing People Compilation - Amazing skill and TalentCompilation of some amazing people and their talents and skills!51VIEWS01:25Oscar Nominees Reveal Their Favorite Movie Moments2012 Oscar nominees share their favorite movie moments of all time.17VIEWS03:19Andy McKee - Guitar - Drifting Andy McKee - Guitar - Drifting 55VIEWS