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06:57Marble Machine ChronicleThe history of 150x100size marble machines.57.9KVIEWS02:15Wakeboarding Behind a Helicopter - Troy HartmanThe wakeboarding part was a blast, but the climb to altitude was utterly exhausting and wrecked my back. I would never do this again.88.2KVIEWS01:51Amazing Magnetic DeviceNOTE: This device doesnt float any object. You have to place the special magnetic disc that comes with the unit, inside of the objects you want to float.152KVIEWS03:55Magicians Brynolf and Ljung - Britain's Got Talent 2012 auditionBrynolf and Ljung - Britains got talent 2012 auditions.64.1KVIEWS01:24Magic Stain Remover PrankA display of a new, VERY effective, stain removing product has people in shock by how well it works!39VIEWS03:13The Rubber Hand IllusionHorizon explores the strange and wonderful world of illusions - and reveals the tricks they play on our senses and why they fool us.44.8KVIEWS02:13Coolest Street ArtistStreet Artist in London magic with glass balls38.6KVIEWS04:52Amazing MagicAmazing Magic80.8KVIEWS04:58$10,000 Car - AirPod - That Runs On AirAn amazing affordable auto that runs on air!AIRPod is the culmination of MDI studies on pollution and urban mobility.This concept will be the first to leave the ...123VIEWS01:32Crazy Football FanSoccer fan smacks the clients purchases. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.105VIEWS05:40MACHINE CIVILIZATIONMany disasters are ongoing in Japan; earthquakes, Tsunami, and nuclear accidents. These unprecedented things may be able to change however from now. That's why ...42VIEWS00:33Cachorro Equilibrista no JumentoCachorro Equilibrista no Jumento61VIEWS02:12Kitten Marshmallow: 4 weeks old and countingMarshmallow was born on March 1st with low birth weight (~60% of the normal expected weight at about 66g or 2.3 oz). A month later, Marshy is breaking one pound ...64VIEWS01:08Most one finger push ups in 30 seconds - Guinness World RecordsThe most one finger push ups in 30 seconds was 41 and was achieved by Xie Guizhong (China) on the set of CCTV- Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, ...107VIEWS00:24I can do all things like a manI can do all things like a man61VIEWS00:40How to peel apple like a bossHow to peel apple like a boss66VIEWS01:17Short Bus Runaway KidLittle girl runs off in school bus while their temporary guardian looks on in dismay. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks ...90VIEWS07:59SOUTHERN MISS OLE MISS RAIN DELAY ANTICS/DANCE-OFFRain delay at Trustmark Park in Pearl for Southern Miss and Ole Miss on 4/3/12. The players got bored, then got creative. Video Courtesy TJ Werre, WJTV Twitter ...38VIEWS03:08Freestyle Football : Wass Final SessionFootball freestyle by Wass ,Recordman Guiness du "Globe Trick" et vice champion du monde 2011-2012. World Guiness Recordman and World Vice champion 2011-20122; ...48VIEWS01:15Batmobiles Gather For 'The Dark Knight Rises' Bonus FeatureBatmobiles Gather For 'The Dark Knight Rises' Bonus Feature.69VIEWS01:49Baby Red PandaBaby Red Panda playing with light beam at the National Zoo46VIEWS01:05Cat opens freezerThis is why there's a safety lock on our freezer door. Oscar learned to do this on his own, he also has figured out how to open closed doors!46VIEWS01:52Hunter laughing at MollyHunter laughing at Molly57VIEWS02:137 year old pizza tosser Jersey CityMY SON IS A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK! 7 YEARS OLD AND CAN OUT TOSS THE BIG GUYS! Carmine Pizza Factory Carmine Testa owner of Carmines Pizza Factory showed his s ...132VIEWS02:03Sensics Smart Goggles Android 4.0 Virtual Reality HelmetAndroid is popping up in everything and we've come across the Smart Goggles which is basically an insanely heavy helmet containing a heads-up display. It's run ...58VIEWS02:24Behind the Scenes: The Google Art Project at the White HouseMembers of the Google Art project and the Google Street View team recently came to the White House to create a new way for people to tour the White House. Take ...66VIEWS04:19Amazing Robot doing cyclingAmazing Robot doing cycling80VIEWS00:59Amazing waterspout 'tornado' caught on camera off AustraliaDramatic footage filmed from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7 shows a series of powerful waterspouts near the coastal suburb of Terrigal, on Australia's Ne ...91VIEWS00:53Russian Old Man Showing Off Some Serious Skillssimply amazing..122VIEWS00:24Floating Cube in CenterSimple cube optical illusion where we see what looks like floating or levitation118VIEWS